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John Doe

Tina has

a diverse career in creative roles specializing in the development of unique brand identities, marketing communications, design, interactive media, video, and advertising, Tina is experienced in the management of all aspects of the creative process from concept to production. She has developed creative methodologies that facilitate team success in a variety of industries.

Jane Helf

Tina has the ability to understand needs and set achievable goals, determining the best solutions for tough creative challenges, providing results that have a real impact.

She also builds strong human connections in a team environment, laying a collaborative foundation on which creativity can flourish. She has worked with multiple agencies to build a creative team with big picture strategy in mind.

Joshua Insanus

Tina is a team player who, from account to production, understands how to get things done. Passionate about her work, she has a strong ability to manage, mentor and inspire, while developing transformational ideas for her clients.


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